Welcome to Sarah’s Alaska Honey

Welcome to Sarah’s Alaska Honey, where you can find the best honey on the planet – Midnight Sun Honey!Some may disagree, mainly because they haven’t tried it yet. Don’t let that happen to you! Our bees thrive here on the beautiful Kenai Peninsula, near Sterling, Alaska. Their main nectar flow is from the fireweed plant. Fireweed honey is very light in color and taste. If you have never tried it, you have been missing out!

WARNING! If you normally buy your honey from the grocery store, and you try ours, you will be ruined forever! The big commercial beekeepers make their money from commercial pollination contracts, and their resulting honey product is sold to honey packing plants that mix it in with honey from all over the country (and yes, even abroad). It is then filtered at high temperature’s, thereby killing all the wonderful enzymes – and most of the flavor – and sold on your grocery store shelves. It tastes NOTHING LIKE our unheated, untreated, unadulterated honey.

Sarah’s Alaska Honey is a small, family-run business. We are not certified organic, but we never use any kind of pesticides, chemicals or antibiotics on our bees or equipment.

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  1. libhart says:

    I’m a backyard beek in PA. Didn’t see a way to email you, didn’t want to bother you on the phone since you’re out of stock. Don’t know when you harvest or how your flow is this year but the next time you’ve got some fireweed honey for sale, please drop me a line, I’d like to order some.

  2. ruffandtuff says:

    What are container sizes of fire weed honey & prices & shipping to zip code 22003 Virginia)

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