Beginner Beekeeping Class Soldotna 4/21/24 (Couple)



Sunday 4/21/24

Sarah's Alaska Honey

33735 Gas Well Rd Soldotna

1pm to approximately 6pm


Honeybees are incredibly fascinating creatures! We truly have a passion for introducing new beekeepers to these amazing insects. Classes are designed for any skill level- whether you're a Newbee or Sourdough, we're confident that you'll learn something new! We cover everything you need to know, from honeybee behavior and hive parts, to harvesting honey and wintering your bees.

Please join us for an entertaining and informative afternoon!

Classes typically run four to five hours, and are very informal. There will be hands on demonstrations. Questions are encouraged, snacks will be provided.

Class cost is $30 per person, or $50 per couple.

* Children are welcome at our classes, but they are expected to be supervised class participants. There will be no child care provided


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