Spring is Here!

March 31, 2010

Got another equipment order out today…whew! Now just a few more to get together, and set up new hives in the outyards. Package bees will be here in less than 3 weeks! It’s seriously crunch time folks, I’ve been short on sleep a lot lately. This time of year, though, that’s OK! It’s time to get ready for summer. Spring is definitely here, more than half of my driveway is finally visible; although my picnic table still has several feet of snow on it. I really meant to get a new smokehouse built this winter, but it’s still on my very crowded mental list of projects that need my attention, and will most likely get pushed to my nexts winter’s project list. The old one’s got another season in it pretty easy with a little TLC. Time to get in some Razorclams before the tourists show up, and eat the rest of last years fish before the Sockeye’s start running. This summer is gonna rock!