Who Needs Sleep?

March 19, 2010

My house is a disaster. My garage is a disaster. I have unfinished projects everywhere I turn – and I don’t care. Packages come in T-Minus 29 days – Every minute I can spare is spent in the garage. There are stacks of unassembled equipment in every corner, and lists of things that still need to be made. I pause only to cook and toss in another load of laundry. I’m considering moving the coffeepot from the kitchen to the garage. My kids are amused at my obsession, and helping out wherever they can. Jeremy, my 7 year old cooked me a frozen pizza and delivered it to the garage with an air of importance, enjoying playing delivery man. Yes, I tipped him, but he was happy with a quarter, as opposed to the real “pizza dude”. He was a bit worried about me ingesting sawdust, but I’m unconcerned. I know I’ve eaten worse, and considering that I have sawdust EVERYWHERE else, I doubt it will make much difference.

This time of year, although hectic, is a time of excitement and hope. Soon the bees will be in their new home, adjusting to the climate change, and flourishing in our breathtakingly beautiful Alaskan summer. The sawdust will be swept away, and other projects will take their place. Here’s to Spring!